Elections 2012
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Christian Democrats
Welcome to the local elections-related pages of Johan Plomp. On these pages, you will find information about me and the issues I would like to promote in the city council of Tampere - when I get elected. I do not claim to know about all of the matters that need the city's attention in Tampere, and therefore I would like you to tell me about them. Together we will be able to advance these matters and build a more humane, liveable and ecological Tampere.
The municipal elections will be held on the 28th of October. These local elections will vote the members of the city council for the next 4 years.  Advance voting is possible from 17th until the 23th of October. Also foreigners living in Tampere may vote under certain conditions. You will find more information about the municipal elections from the governmental pages on the elections and in more detail in here. I am a candidate for the Christian Democrat party.
My background
I am a 46 year old father, husband, senior researcher, and active member of the society. I was born in the Netherlands, have lived in Finland for half of my life and obtained Finnish citizenship, and would like to build this society together with you. In my diverse job as researcher I have aimed to advance the competitiveness of Finnish industry and small and medium enterprises in particular. I have also worked on innovations to promote the health and wellbeing of people, including elderly people. My active involvement in associations, hobbies, and the church have introduced me to the needs of a great variety of people, for example immigrants and children. Society performs best, when there is a valuable place and task for everyone. I want to work towards this kind of society by creating and developing humane and ecological services, providing a good ecosystem for companies that provide jobs, and supporting hobbies, sports, and volunteer activities for the advancement of the local neighbourhood and the wellbeing of its residents. More about my background... 
Programme in brief
Local democracy should be advanced and new methods applied
Immigrants should be assisted to find their own place in society
Elderly people are a valuable resource of our society
The wellbeing of children should be supported through affordable hobbies
Public transport should be a realistic alternative for cars and free for the deprived
The conditions for new and small companies should be improved
The societal involvement of companies should be further developed
The availability of health services should be guaranteed
School teacher's resources should be improved
Durable energy production should be supported
Boards and hobbies
Tampere Technical Innovation Award committee member
Opintanner Student Housing board member
Tampere Logistics vice member of the board
School parental committee chair person
Dutch society in Finland - secretary/vice chair person
Harju chamber choir treasurer
International Church council(s) various positions including secretary and chairman (Tampere/Oulu)
International Christian Association in Finland - treasurer
SIGCHI Finland - treasurer

My hobbies include music (piano, organ, choir), reading, writing and sports (soccer, biking, cross-country skiing).